Lets Start Prepping

How to Prep Cloth Diapers & Inserts

Prepping basically means preparing your diapers and inserts before using them by a regular wash.

  • All types of diapers and inserts made with synthetic fabrics like PUL, Mink, TPU, microsuede, microfleece, charcoal bamboo, bamboo terry and microfiber can be just washed using some amount of enzyme and softener free detergent like normal clothes. You can wash them in washing machine also and simultaneously hand wash too. This is done to remove any chemical residue which may have resided while manufacturing. Best way is to give a hot water rinse and wash like regular clothes.
  • Inserts and diapers made from natural fabrics like Bamboo Cotton and Hemp needs 5 to 8 washes to increase their absorbency or they can even be boiled for 15-20 minutes to remove natural oils present in them. While boiling, one should take care that they do not have snaps, elastics or any kind of PUL which can be damaged while boiling.

Recommended detergents for better care of Cloth Diaper and Inserts:

For better care of these beauties, you can choose any detergents which are devoid of any additives, enzymes, softeners and bleaching agents, as these can hamper the absorbency of diapers and inserts. Some of the suggested brands are Rustic Art Little Laundry, Kyraa, Tide Plain (without fragrance and bleach).

  1. Dettol, fabric softeners or any other such liquids should be avoided while prepping or washing cloth diapers and inserts.

Happy CDing!

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